ECSCI declares winners of CSG election

Rych B. Beluan and Maria Ioanna Naive

The Cherians voted in a new set of student government officers through remote online voting on the morning of Sept. 9. The election results were announced through a live broadcast on Facebook in the afternoon of the same day. The live feed hosted by the COMELEC chairperson, Ms. Camelle Labalan, showed the responses of the voters in the Google forms application used in the casting of votes.

Alyssa Gabrielle M. Canoy, the newly-elected Cherian Student Government (CSG) president, was especially thrilled with the results.

“I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to those who trusted me and the rest of the elected officers to serve the Cherian community,” said Canoy. “Even if the pandemic got in the way of what we usually do every day, this will not stop us from making this school year a productive and a fruitful one. Together, let us move forward, Cherians!”

Together with Canoy in leading the Cherians are the elected core officers, namely Audrey Zarina R. Faberes, Vice President (High-school); Xhahara D. Gomez, Vice President (Grade-school); Chelsea A. Sanchez, Secretary; Sam B. Dy, Treasurer; Althea Jozel B. Barquero, Auditor; Maria Ioanna Naïve, Public Information Officer (High-school); and Trisha Faye Arenas, Public Information Officer (Grade-school).

The elected senators are the following: Kirviel Jay Lusdoc (Gr. 10), Aicelle Pateres (Gr. 9) Lestle C. Ga (Gr. 8), and Kate L. Azura (Gr. 7).

The following grade-schoolers also won as representatives: Dillan M. Foley (Gr. 6), Aeon C. Tampil (Gr. 5), Alfonso G. Causon (Gr. 4), Lejohn Diamond M. Piencenaves (Gr. 3), and Gabby M. Abadiano (Gr. 2).

Excitement rose throughout the weeks preceding Sept. 9 as Cherians participated in different election-related activities such as the presentation of candidates on Sept. 1, the room-to-room campaign on Sept. 2-4, and the Miting de Avance on Sept. 8.  Engaged in the online distance learning, the students of Enfant Cheri participated in these activities through videoconferencing via Zoom.

The declaration of winners in the CSG election was the culmination of the campaign activities. The newly-elected student government officers will be sworn into office during the induction program on Sept. 25.