Enfant Cheri Study Centre, Inc. seeks to equip the children with the needed knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, which will help them attain alert and inquiring minds, humane hearts, working hands and healthy bodies. It believes that the early ages of a child is critical in learning and development.

Enfant Cheri’s preschool department is a good head start for your child’s learning! It seeks to develop the following:

  1. Social and Emotional Skills Development

The school seeks to develop and create opportunities for children to form and sustain positive relationships. With the teacher’s guided activities, the children are able to experience, manage, and express emotions through exploring and engaging with the environment. The children are engaged with oral activities like singing songs, hymns and prayers, oral recitations of bible verses, role-playing, and storytelling.

2. Fine and gross motor skills development

Mastering both are important for children’s growth and independence. Sensory Perceptual and Aesthetic Development Skills is one of the school’s primary programs where children are tasked to do sensorial activities as well as develop their aesthetic sense and creative expressions through drawing, painting, and manipulative activities. The school provides meaningful tools and toys, as well as learning and activity areas, which gives the avenue for children to do free play and creative activities.

3. Academic and Cognitive Skills Development

The school is equipped with significant educational tools which fosters a fun filled learning environment for pupils to learn, discover, and enhance their understanding. The school crafted a curriculum that ensures a pupil’s understanding of lessons and activities from basic level to complex topics or skills.

Preschool Department Features

  • maintained ideal ratio of pupils to teachers (15:1) with 1 Teacher’s Aide
  • well ventilated and carpeted classrooms equipped with educational materials and audio-visual aids
  • learning Areas: Reading Corner, Play Room, Lego Corner, Mess Hall, Computer Room
  • taking part of the different school activities such as Nutrition Month Culmination, Buwan ng Wikang Filipino, Science Fair, Math Olympiad, Christmas Program, Foundation Week Celebration, and Recognition Programs